Nancy Salas Found Alive, Entangled in Web of Lies

nancy salas

A Glendale, California student that mysteriously disappeared after leaving her family’s home for a morning jog Wednesday has been found unharmed in the city of Merced in Northern California. Officials organized a search party Wednesday to search the area where Nancy Salas, a former UCLA student, was known to jog, although were unable to come across any clues. University officials told investigators that the 22 year old hadn’t been actively attending UCLA since 2008, despite the fact that her family members were told otherwise. Salas was said to be graduating with a degree in sociology this year.

According to officials, Salas entered an establishment and asked an employee to contact police, who were told that she had been kidnapped by a dark haired, skinny individual who appeared to be in his 50s, according to the Los Angeles Times. Police were suspicious that Salas could be living a double life, using the kidnapping as a cover up. Salas later admitted to fabricating the story of her kidnapping, having taken a bus to Merced. Salas cited pressure from her family in graduating from UCLA as the main motivating factor.

Police officials initially indicated that they would press charges if they found Salas had staged the kidnapping, although now the Glendale PD claims that no illegality was committed in their jurisdiction. It is up to officials in Merced to determine what action, if any, need be taken.

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