Nada Prouty Story

Nada Prouty

CBS featured the story of Nada Prouty Sunday night in its series known as 60 minutes. Nada Prouty was once working for the FBI and CIA and was credited for her work in combating terrorism, being responsible for nabbing the ringleader in a terror plot. Despite her achievements as a federal official, Prouty fell under the suspicion of the government when they discovered her brother-in-law, a Lebanese man who operated a restaurant. During the investigation which was spearheaded by the Bush Administration in an effort to crackdown on terrorist financing, it was discovered that Prouty’s brother-in-law had ties to the terrorist group known as Hezbollah. Although Prouty denied that she had any close ties with the man, officials in Detroit were set on pinning evil deeds on her. When they were able to uncover little evidence in supporting their allegations, they discovered that Prouty had been involved in an illegal green card scheme years earlier. Prouty ended up pleading guilty to the charges, due in large part to her inability to handle the costs of legal recourse.

Considering the facts of the case, more and more people are pushing for president Obama to pardon this innocent lady. The Bush administration seems to have carried out a personal vendetta against Prouty for whatever reason, but all the facts point to her innocence. Hopefully we can entrust our president to uphold the element of justice which we expect from our legal system.

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