Meredith Emerson Hustler Photos

Earlier this month an employee working for Hustler magazine contacted the Georgia Bureau of Investigation requesting pictures from the savage killing of Meredith Emerson. Emerson, a University student that went missing in January 2008 was discovered days after her disappearance – her body decapitated. Her killer, Gary Hilton, was nabbed by police after a hint came in from a local gas station in the days following the killing. Hilton was apparently destroying evidence of the crime just as police arrived on scene. His van was examined by crime scene investigators, who managed to find samples of Emerson’s blood. In exchange for life in prison, Hilton agreed to lead investigators to the decapitated corpse.

Now that you have some imagery to go by, it’s obviously disturbing that an adult publication would want access to these photos. Although Georgia law does allow for this type of thing, the state has agreed not to turn over the photos for the time being. This disturbing request encouraged Republican Jill Chambers to draft legislation prohibiting photos such as these, which show violent beatings, nudity, and other graphic material from ever being released to the public. The Meredith Emerson Memorial Privacy act, as the bill is known, was introduced Monday.

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