Mary Shieler – Talhotblond Imposter

We have a very interesting yet convoluted story for you tonight, and one that involves none other than the internet. According to the Palisadian Post, a publication based in Pacific Palisades, CA,the story begins with a man named Tom Montgomery, who is a factory worker that lives in New York with his family. Tom, like many other men, likes to venture online for “extracurricular” activities. It just happened that one night, Tom started chatting with a female named Jessie with the online handle “talhotblond.” Jessi was a 18 year old from West Virgina. Tom, knowing that he wouldn’t be the most appealing prospect for young Jessi lied, telling her that he was a 19 year old marine sniper. The two hit it off, and their relationship got progressively closer. Jessi began to send Tom unclad pictures of herself, and eventually she even sent him a pair of underwear. Finally, Tom’s wife caught onto the cyber affair and sent Jessi a picture of the family, to hopefully dissuade her from continuing the relationship with Tom.

Jessi, obviously surprised by the news, contacts a co-worker of Tom’s, who goes by the name Brian Barrett, a 21-year old. Jessi develops an interest in Brian, while continuing her romance with the marine sniper. She eventually pins the two men against each other. Then, in January of 2009, news comes about that Barrett has been murdered. The suspect – none other than Tom Montgomery. Here’s the kicker – when police went to checkup on Jessi to make sure she was fine, they learned that Montgomery and Barrett were communicating with none other than her overweight mother – Mary Shieler. Apparently, Mary Shieler had become bored with her life, much like Tom, and decided to engage in some cyberspace fun.

Mary Shieler’s role in the murder is the subject of a new documentary by Barbara Schroeder, who apparently stumbled upon this perplexing yet disturbing story while searching for material for her second production.

There is little question that Mary Shieler should be held at least somewhat legally responsible for the murder that occurred. If she hadn’t impersonated her daughter and pinned the two men against each other, the entire situation could have been avoided. We are eager to see what sort of response this documentary will get once it has been released.

3 thoughts on “Mary Shieler – Talhotblond Imposter

  1. AG

    I happen to believe that Mary Shieler is a very sick & twisted woman! I think she deserved to have her husband leave her. If she was any type of real caring mother she would have a conscious & take some sort of accountabilty. Instead it is in my opinion she’s trying to minimize & bare full guilt, responsibilty as well as accountabilty on some one else. As far as Tom Montgomery goes….really does he trully expect us to believe all his garbage of lies. I hope the full extent of the law & justice comes down on both of these individuals. They obviously do not value life in any way, shape or form. However if it were a loss of their child I bet you they would be singing another tune. My deepest condolences, sympathy & prayers to the family of Brian Barrett :( :(

  2. bella

    Ever since this story aired I have tried to find the actual birth dates of the parties involved. As a long time student of Astrology I am fascinated and would love to study these charts and the timing of the incidents. Can’t believe how hard it is to find accurate data. I suppose that is why it was so easy for people to fool each other. (There must be prominent Neptune aspects everywhere!) I know anyone can be taken in and fooled but these subjects seem to lack any common sense or gut instincts. One look at the picture of 46 yr old Tom, and the real Jessie, would have thrown up on her keyboard. As would any attractive 18 yr old. When she continued to waste time wit him I knew she was not real. I was wary from the start about Jessie’s identity. An eighteen yr old girl can be gullible but her interests and conversations would be quite different from Mary’s.
    I once found myself in a room chatting with a guy supposedly 38 yrs old but I noticed a juvenile boasting and preoccupation with cyber sex that literally screamed his age. I typed LOL You sound like a 14 yr old! Bleep! He disappeared! I had my kids tape this as “lesson 1″ in online safety. Astrology has saved me lots of potential woes but it can only help if you have the correct birth data! If anyone knows how to obtain this info I’d be grateful.

  3. bella

    Former post cut off before I could mention BRIAN, the victim in this tragedy. I hope to find his birth data. Studying his Astrological chart (and the charts of the perpetrators) I can gain insight and help to understand his short life. I am certain that his death will save countless others who will learn a powerful lesson. I hope this Documentary airs repeatedly. There are likely millions of similar tales out there with varying degrees of pain and loss. Perhaps Brian’s tragedy will lead to enlighten the world. Maybe that way all the promise and potential of such a sweet young life will live on in all who are touched and saved by his story.

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