Malik Nadal Hasan – Killing Rampage

Malik Nadal Hasan

Major Malik Nadal Hasan is believed to be the shooter behind the killing rampage that occurred today at the military facility known as Fort Hood. He was a psychiatrist that worked at a medical facility at Fort Hood. Malik Nadal Hasan is 39 years old and was transferred to Fort Hood not too long ago. He came from the Walter Reed Medical center, which has continued to be embroiled in controversy in recent years. He spent 6 years at that facility. Preliminary investigations have not yielded any information as to why Malik Nadal Hasan would commit such a violent crime.

We can only imagine how devastated Malik Nadal Hasan’s family members must be, let alone those that were trapped in his killing rampage. According to the Associated Press, Malik Nadal Hasan was never married and had no children. There is some surprising details that surround Malik Nadal Hasan’s background. For one, he graduated at Virgina Tech University. This was the site of a massive killing spree conducted by a disturbed student in April of 2007.

We will keep you updated with the latest details surrounding this tragic story. If you know anything about Malik Nadal Hasan and would like to share details, please go ahead and comment below.

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