Lee Anthony Paternity Test

The Lee Anthony paternity test results have recently been released. Lee Anthony was the alleged father of Caylee Anthony, a young girl whose murder caught widespread attention. The Lee Anthony paternity test results indicate that Lee Anthony is not the father. Lee Anthony, the brother of Casey Anthony, is indeed not the father of Caylee Anthony. Casey Anthony is believed to have killer her daughter.

The Lee Anthony paternity test news come amidst a lengthy trial in which Casey Anthony was convicted of first degree murder in the killing of her young daughter, Caylee Anthony. What exact motives she had in committing such a horrendous crime have fallen to debate, however, nobody has yet to fathom how a mother could commit such a horrible crime. Where officials will go now that the Lee Anthony paternity test have been released is unknown.

Since the Lee Anthony paternity test results are very recent news, we will continue following the story in hopes of catching further developments. We will post any updates on this page, so be sure to check back. If there are any sentiments you would like to convey about the Lee Anthony paternity test results, or the Caylee Anthony case as a whole, we encourage you to comment below.

About Paternity tests:

Paternity tests are used to determine the parents of a child. Although paternity tests tend to cost a substantial amount of money, it is well worth it considering that you are finding who a child belongs to. Paternity tests are commonly used in the entertainment field to determine parenthood for a variety of reasons. There are numerous establishments that offer paternity tests. They typically extract a portion of DNA from a possible parent, usually by swabbing their cheek. The DNA sample is then sent to the lab where the actual paternity test is performed. A paternity test can even be performed at home with a special kit. You will find these tests common on television as well, mostly on talk shows. Paternity test results are usually available rather quickly, within a few hours.

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    So…. this means they have some sort of indication the two had sex. Disgusting, but not surprising.

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