Laura Bush killed a guy?

laura bush

It appears that many people have been in the dark about an apparent accident that Laura Bush was involved in back in 1963. The former first lady seemed to have a squeaky clean image, so it’s surprising that this didn’t raise any flags for some of you. The story goes that Bush was driving with a friend when she ran a stop sign. Unfortunately for her, there was someone else in the intersection at the time – former classmate Michael Dutton. The impact killed Dutton. As you might imagine, the accident took a severe emotional toll on Bush, not to mention the family of the victim. She has not publicly spoken about the incident, and who’s to blame her. A police investigation uncovered that neither of the drivers were impaired by alcohol or any other substance, and therefore nobody was held at fault for the incident.

While Laura Bush killed a guy makes for a good headline, it omits key facts from the incident. We can only hope that people take a note from this unfortunate incident and realize that negligent driving is a serious problem. It is not clear what Bush may have been distracted by, but we do know for a fact that there are plenty of modern-day distractions to keep drivers’ eyes off the road. The text message which your friend sent you can wait, as can your roomate who’s calling you to ask where you left the bag of Doritos. Keep your eyes on the road and drive safely.

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