Keyur Malaviya Qualcomm Suicide

Police are busy tonight trying to determine why a Northern California man leaped to his death from a Qualcomm building in San Diego. The man, Keyur Malaviya, is believed to have fallen nearly twelves stories before plummeting to his death near the Qualcomm office buildings. Malaviya, a 28 year old who police positively identified as an employee that worked for the company, left little for police to go by as far as motives are concerned. All they have so far is some physical evidence that materialized as a result of the fall, including some broken glass which once acted as a fence for one of the building’s balconies, according to radio station KFMB 760 AM based out of San Diego. An employee working inside the building is said to have heard the impact of Keyur Malaviya’s body hitting the pavement. No other witnesses have been identified at this time. We can only hope that further investigation will shed some more insight into what exactly happened.

The news of this tragic suicide follows a string of otherwise unfortunate events, including the murder-suicide of Joseph Stack, a Texan man, who after having argued with his wife crashed a plane into an IRS office based in Texas. Stack left self-written literature behind for police to investigate, literature which largely highlights his disgust with the inner-workings of the United States government. Investigations into Stack’s background revealed a number of failed business ventures and periods of financial instability, including one instance where he had to relocate from California to Texas. It appears that Joseph Stack was also frustrated with the lack of engineering jobs available in the Texas area shortly before his death. His wife, Sheryl Stack, denied that Joseph was perceived of being capable of anything that he executed.

Whether it’s the economic mess that is causing all of these tragedies or not, we hope people continue forward while recovery efforts move forward. We are all more or less feeling the strains of this tough climate, but desperate actions such as the one’s you’ve read about above are never the answer.

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  1. Not Surprised

    Qualcomm has created an work environment where supervisors posses excessive opressive powers. And the supervisors misuse this power(blessed by company) to repress the sub-ordinates. An engineer reports to most likely to an staff engineer or someone senior in rank. Managers are most of the times unqualified to manage people. Sometimes they don’t even treat people as people. Qualcomm creates stress full work environment , manipulate and take advantage of the situation of lower level employees( including engineers and senior engineers). I am saying these based on my shocking experience at Qualcomm – Work stress is very common. I have heard about another suicide that did not get media attention as it was not inside the company. I know many stories when people are having babies and helping their wives in the hosipital the company hunt them down for work. It is a culture where company expects people spend all their time in company work while only paying for 40 hours/per week. I think labor is cheap so is the blood of this poor engineer. One might ask how come qualcomm gets good rating such as top 10 places to work for in America. Well, we need to understand , there are people who joined Qualcomm before it’s stock rocketed. This class of people have vested interest to showcase qualcomm as a great place to work as well as they have vested interest to repress newly joined employee. After all they are going to rip off the hard work of the lower level working class as they own huge amount of corporate stocks. There is a clear line in Qualcomm between the oppressors and the oppressed, for the oppressors it is for sure a great place to work.
    In a nutshell, sometimes I just wonder what is the basis of this manipulatation? Is it just because someone has decided to stay with the company?

    I sincerely hope some expert lawyer would see this news and offer his help and pursue legal actions against qualcomm, if there is merit class action lawsuit can be filed for not paying for extra hours , compensation can be sought for creating stressful work environment and damaging so many families.

  2. Martin Q Blank

    That’s jumping to a lot of conclusions.
    Pun not intended.
    There are thousands of employees, this is incredibly rare, but it’s going to happen with that many people sooner or later. Stress is common in many high tech jobs. Should they consider it something to look out for?
    Of course, and there are many mental health avenues to take at Qualcomm if you need help. But you have to seek it. Nobody can make someone do that. I am sure there were other factors.

  3. Seriously attached

    Well i dont buy this explanation……
    One suicide cannot determine the loop in ethics of company. Its jus one incidence. there can be other factors also….. Dont blame company for it!

  4. Qualcomm Employee

    “Not Surprised” your conclusions seem a little too fast. I have been working for Qualcomm for couple of years and my experience is exactly opposite to what you are saying.

    Anyway like every other fellow employee of Qualcomm, I am sad to loose fellow worker.

  5. dear

    please dnt say it a suicide… i am keyur’s sister.. plz just dont give it a shabby word.. pray for his soul to rest in peace… i request you people not to make more issue out of this topic..

  6. Venkatesh

    Mr. “not surprised”, I would beg to differ. I work at Qualcomm and am signing using my real name. Qualcomm has been consistently voted top 20 company to work for by fortune, based on anonymous polling conducted by independent sources. You have not indicated if you are a current or former employee or in what way you are associated with Qualcomm.
    Qualcomm adheres to every labor policy, has the best work place environment. They make every effort to ensure that employees have a work life balance etc.
    Please refrain from slandering the whole company just because you might have reason to do so. I for one feel fortunate to be associated with Qualcomm and am thankful to Erwin and the other founders for creating this great company.

  7. we_are_but_shadow_&_dust

    while I do not agree with “Not Surprised”, I was really shocked that work continued normally that day in that same building as if nothing has really happened!. Now this raises questions. Qualcomm is a great company but this incident cannot but tell you that employees are no more than numbers, and while it is voted on the top list of companies to work for, I certainly hope that it does not turn into the top company to work and die for!

  8. QCOM Employee

    I love Qualcomm and there aren’t enough good things I can say about it. I referred at least 3 people to work here who were hired and are very happy with their work. I have been working here for 3 years and personally I think it’s a great work-life balance. You can work overtime if you want, sure, but nobody usually demands you work extra hours if you do not want to do it. I personally think overtime work is a normal part of an engineering career, but here at Qualcomm it is not enforced on people against their will. There are always stressful times in every professional career, but I would say Qualcomm does a very good job of helping every employee manage this.

    For this reason, I find it very shocking that this man’s life could have been lost due to a stressful work environment. I pray for him and his family, and am truly sorry for a fellow co-worker having lost his life.

  9. Former_QCOM_Employee

    Every word of what “not surprised” has mentioned is true..Being a former qcom employee myself,I had to leave qcom under exactly similar situations.It could have been very much me had I not left in time and hence saved my life…It is alarming that senior management/human resources are turning blind eye to these grave issues..Irrespective whether the incident was purely due to professional reasons,the problem itself can’t be ignored…This kinda work environment may not be prevalent across all groups but are we waiting for a disease to become an epidemic before finding a cure??

    @venkatesh:With due respect to founders having found a great company,10 good things can’t justify a wrong thing..and what is wrong is wrong!! Period.The founders have senior management and HR as their eyes and ears.They may not be even aware of what is happening at the ground level.

    Again we don’t know the reasons,but can we wait for something more serious to happen before an action will be taken?No one joins a “dream company” to go through all this…some former and current qcommers are witness to what “not surprised” has mentioned….

  10. Dee

    I worked for Qualcomm for nearly seven years and only left when my family relocated back to my home state of Texas. I always found it to be a great company, always striving to do the right thing, especially when it came to work-life balance. No, they are not perfect, but no company is. And, high tech will always be stressful due to the innovative nature of it. Some people are cut out for that stress/life, some aren’t.

    In any case, it is shameful that a few disgruntled people are using this poor man’s death as a means to jab at the company. And, I have seen numerous posts on numerous websites from people claiming to be the man’s sister, brother, parents, wife. It’s ridiculous that people have nothing better to do than to stir up drama and controversy when they should be respectful over a life lost.

  11. Raj

    I am current employee of Qualcomm. The work environment is shit. I have to work for extra hours without any payment. It has no proper management. Whole management of the company is in wreck now. Days of the era for Qualcomm are gone now.

  12. john

    As a Qcom engineer on the day of his Mr. Malaviya, (albeit I was in another Q building), I was able to the IM-email system that Mr Malaviya mgr was Shian Shi Yao (Q-381H) , whose direct
    reports to Bruno Vaucher, Dir of Eng., who reports to Tony VP of QCOM. So, obviously Shian Shi Yao ,,or Bruno must know rational behind the death.

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