Juan-Carlos Cruz: Kitchen to Jail Cell

Juan Carlos Cruz murder plot

Juan-Carlos Cruz is being held on $5 million dollars bail in Los Angeles after being apprehended by authorities for alleged solicitation to commit murder. Cruz, a star from Food Network’s “Calorie Commando” is alleged to have attempted to recruit a homeless many to carry out a murder. The man alerted authorities, who managed to nab the TV star at a dog park in Cheviot Hills. Police are continuing to remain tight lipped about the investigation, not letting as much as a detail pertaining to the intended target or the motive leak out. According to the Los Angeles Times, those who knew Cruz are having trouble accepting the possibility that he would have any roll in the alleged murder plot. Neighbors identified Cruz as a kind and well-intentioned man. According to them, he was also immersed in religion.

Cruz’ television show featured him cooking family favorites while trimming off the calories. The show ran for nearly forty episodes before it was pulled by Food Network. Cruz was apparently inspired by his drastic weight loss on the show Discovery Health Body Challenge to create the low calorie foods. He received his formal culinary education from California Culinary Academy, and went to become a celebrity chef. Prior to creating his own show, Cruz ran an online businesses under the domain Pastrydude.com.

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