– Mistaken website of an activist?

Those of you that have been looking for the website of an Oklahoma man trying to uncover the veil of the prostitution industry have been unknowingly looking for the wrong website. is the website of an Indiana electronics retailer. What the majority of you have really been looking for is So what’s the fuss with this website? (not is home to a prostiution activist. Brian Bates is trying to show the public the sort of impact prostitution has had on the world. He discredits the notion that it is a harmless crime and insists that it is one that has long-reaching effects. Brian constantly updates his site with news of prostitutions busts and has links to some of the more significant prostitution cases he’s seen.

We think is quite an impressive project for a single individual. It’s obvious that Brian’s serious about making an impact on how city officials deal with prostitution. Now, if only more people got involved, we could actually spur a significant decline in these types of crimes. This, however, seems to be a pipe dream as people are far too occupied these days with keeping their job and trying not to feel the effects of the recession we are slowly slipping into.

To wrap up, we want to remind those that have been accidentally searching for to head to We encourage anyone taking their time to visit Brian’s site to make some sort of contribution. It’s the least everyone could do and it might actually make a difference.

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