John Patrick Bedell Dead – Pentagon Shooter

John Patrick Bedell is an individual investigators are taking a close look into tonight after he opened fire at the United States Pentagon earlier today. According to reports from media outlets, John Patrick Bedell shot two officers who were working in the pre-screening area at the federal building today. There is no apparent motive for his shooting, although it is likely that details will emerge in the coming days. Fortunately, the two officers which Bedell shot only sustained minor injuries and are expected to recover quickly. Bedell however will be facing some immense prison time for his rampage. Those who near Bedell as the shooting broke out allege that he carried out his rampage in a state of utter calmness. Pentagon officials have not commented on the incident, however, there appears to be little cause for concern that a similar incident is on the horizon.

John Patrick Bedell was seriously injured after the two officers he initially shot fired back. Some reports are stating that he has died from these injuries. If this is indeed the case, investigators will have a more difficult time trying to piece together what drove Bedell to commit such a crime. The Bedell incident follows yet another attack on Federal grounds, which occurred at an IRS office in Texas. A Texan man flew a small aircraft into the building, where fortunately only few casualties were sustained. Police later uncovered that the man had become severely disgruntled with the operation of the U.S. government.

We can only hope that people find more effective and less violent channels for getting their opinions heard. As far as the case is concerned, we won’t know for some time whether that was the underlying issue. For the time being, we are happy to see the officers have pulled through without injuries yet there is that disappointment that the perpetrator won’t be tried for his crime.

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