Janine Sligar – Inappropriate Conduct

Janine Sligar, once part of the Bureau of Prisons, was sentenced today for her alleged participation in sexual acts with a federal inmate. Janine Sligar was sentenced to six months in prison for partaking in sexual activities with a male inmate whom she was responsible for supervising. Following her jail time, Janine Sligar will be required to register as a sex offender. This is part of the plea agreement Janine Sligar reached with prosecutors.

The inmate in the center of this case, Eric McClain, met Janine Sligar when he was assigned the task of cleaning her office. They quickly became friends and their friendship escalated from there. This was in February, and for the next 8 or so months, the two engaged in explicit behavior with one another. Their interactions were alleged to have occurred in a bathroom at the federal facility.

Janine Sligar is said to have provided Eric McClain with a phone for communication outside the facility, and also kept track of their encounters in a general. Janine Sligar furnished the inmate with explicit photographs. Investigators were tipped of this disturbing relationship after receiving information from a yet to be identified party.

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