Jamie Bieber BF Stabbed

The mother of a 16 year old boy from London is grieving today after having witnessed her son attacked by a gang of teenagers who stabbed the boy. It was not immediately known whether the gang was pursuing some sort of vendetta against the child. The mother of the victim was alerted to the attack after she heard her son screaming. When she came outside to investigate, she found her son lying on the floor surrounded by a puddle of blood originating from the stab wound. Although paramedics and police officials were rushed to the scene, they were unable to salvage the boy’s life.

According to eye witness accounts, the boy, named Nick Pearton, had met up with the gang earlier at a nearby park. For whatever reason, his relationship with the group of boys turned confrontational and they began chasing him down the street equipped with knives and baseball bats. It appears none of the witnesses stepped in to try and stop what was about to unfold. Shortly after the incident, officials were able to apprehend some boys from the neighborhood, although no identifying information was given.

The story spread about the internet a bit quicker than expected due to the fact that Pearton’s girlfriend is named Jamie Bieber. It appears that people are now mistakenly guessing that Jamie Bieber is related to Justin Bieber, the teenage music sensation which swept the industry by storm. Most reports are denying that any relation exists, however no official word has been given. What we can say is that our hearts are with the victim’s family and we hope that the police officials in London do everything in their power to apprehend and prosecute those that were involved.

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