Jacob Nodarse Apprehended

Jacob Nodarse

Police have apprehended Jacob Nodarse today, who is believed to be responsible for a family murder that occurred earlier this week. 23 year old Nodarse was arrested at his parents house in Florida. He is accused of killing a family of three in what has been characterized as a tragic crime. Police continue to guess as to what exact motive may be involved. The perpetrator of the crime is believed to have entered the house through an open window. Investigators believe that the murder may have known the family personally. It is unclear what exact evidence has led them to this conclusion. This afternoon, police investigators found the man sleeping in a van near his parents house. It is believed that he was arrested without incident, although officials haven’t made any specific comments. Officials were searching for an early model BMW earlier this week, which was purported to be Nodarse’s.

Jeff Kramer, one of the victims of this horrible crime, was liked by many in the community, according to news reports circulating. Kramer operated a auto shop in the area, and perhaps this is why Jacob Nodarse is such a strong lead. Nodarse happened to be a student technician at a BMW dealership. We can only wait and see what investigators uncover about the connection Nodarse has with the family, and what may have motivated him to carry out this violent crime. In the meantime, it is relieving to see that the man has been apprehended due to the quick efforts of law enforcement officials from the Florida area.

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