Growing Pains Actor Found Dead

We reported on the unfortunate disappearance of former Growing Pains actor Andrew Koenig earlier this week, and unfortunately there is no light at the end of the tunnel with this story. While scouting a park in the Vancouver area, Koenig’s friends and family members found an inanimate object in what media reports have described as a “wooded area.” Apparently, Koening was a frequent visitor to the said park earlier in his career. The cause of death, while not officially confirmed, is believed to be suicide. Koening’s father reported that his son had been suffering a depression of sorts in the days immediately preceding his disappearance. The suicide victims was 41 years old.

It is unclear why police investigators were unable to locate the body when they themselves searched the premises. During a press conference held by the victim’s parents, both urged the public to be very aware of the potential symptoms of depression, according to the Los Angeles times. The Koening’s hope that their son’s death will highlight the very dangerous nature of this condition. Koening’s friends played a big part in the investigation, taking to the popular social networking sites like Facebook to try and generate some leads.

There have been no funeral plans announced for Andrew Koening as of yet. Our prayers are with the parents as they cope through this difficult period.

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