Felicia Snoop Pearson – “The Wire” star arrested

Felicia Snoop Pearson, a former star from the HBO show “The Wire” was arrested yesterday on drug charges. Police were headed to her Baltimore home to apprehend her, after she refused to act as witness for a murder trail.

When police arrived at her home, they found two cigars which they suspected contained the illegal drug marijuana. They also claim to have found some portions of the marijuana plant in her home. The warrant under which police were able to detain Felicia Snoop Pearson permits her detainment until the court date, which falls on September 16th. The drugs which police found led to Felicia Snoop Pearson being charged with a count of drug possession.

Felicia Snoop Pearson’s motivations for not attending the trial are unclear. However, we have a hunch. She’s likely fearing that revenge sits in her path shall she agree to cooperate as a witness. This is a valid concern, however, as a witness she needs to carry out her responsibilities.

Felicia Snoop Pearson apparently witness someone stab three individuals. Her relationship with the suspect is not known, but they are assumed to be acquaintances.

It might have been better for Pearson if she agreed to cooperate as a witness from the get-go. Now, she still has to testify but is also facing charges for drug possession.

For those of you curious about Felicia Snoop Pearson’s middle name, no she does not have any relation to the rap sensation Snoop Dogg. What Felicia Snoop Pearson and Snoop Dogg have in common, however, is that both are rappers.

Felicia Snoop Pearson has a pretty extensive rap sheet. She entered the working class as a drug dealer. At age 14, she was sentenced to serve eight years in jail for allegedly killing someone. She claims that she decided to change her ways at age eighteeen. Apparently, she has not yet fully lived up to this claim.

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