Ervin Lupoe – Suicide Note Released

Ervin Lupoe, the man who is suspected to have killed his family along with himself earlier this month in a murder suicide released a suicide note to KABC-TV. Ervin Lupoe, according to the note, was facing major problems with his employer, Kaiser Permanente. His wife was also employed by the company. In the note, Ervin Lupoe mentions that him and his wife were being investigated by the company for misrepresentation of their employment to an external entity.

Following their initial interview, Ervin Lupoe believed that their future in the company had been cemented. According to the note, an administrator made a nasty comment to Ervin Lupoe alluding to the fact that him and his wife would be eventually fired. Ervin Antonio Lupoe did not take this comment lightly and went ahead and reported it.

Ervin Lupoe and his wife were terminated shortly after the incident, and faced problems retrieving their licenses from Kaiser Permanente. The whole ordeal is believed to have caused the killings, at least that’s what the note indicates. Ervin Antonio Lupoe claimed that the decision to kill himself, his wife, and children was a mutually made.

The full text is accessible: here

3 thoughts on “Ervin Lupoe – Suicide Note Released

  1. News Review

    This is such a sad story before the first month of the year ends. Why do they have to kill themselves. Poor children.. They have to suffer the same fate as their parents.. We sincerely pray for the souls of the family.. We also pray that this incident will never repeat itself..

  2. Jon

    Tell you what. If the economy doesn’t improve soon, there will most certainly be more of this stuff happening.

  3. Wanda

    This is indeed a tragedy!
    Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem; if only he had seen a hint of light at the end of the tunnel.

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