Epic Beard Man Video – 2 Million Hits

A new sensation has taken Youtube by storm, albeit one that highlights the racial tensions that continue to exist today. This video, now dubbed the epic beard man video, depicts a conflict between two AC transit bus riders. One of them, a white male in his sixties, and the other, a black man in his early-mid twenties. The video opens with the two in a heated discussion, when the white male (with an evidently malicious intent) asks the other man how much it would cost him to have his shoes spit shined.

Obviously angered by the question, the tension between the two escalate, to the point that the old man is forced to move to the front of the bus. In the midst of all this, fellow buss passengers are seen asking the young adult male to calm down, telling him that dueling it out the old man is “not worth it.” Some more words and exchanged, and the young man finally approaches the front of the bus, where the senior citizen is seated. In an unexpected turn of events, the bearded man swings several times at the boy (who has yet to make physical contact with him) and continues to assault him up until the point that he is resting on the floor. The resulting scene is a messy one, with the boy’s blood splattered along the seats of the bus. The driver than stops the bus, and at that point the bearded man exits the bus and continues to rile on the boy, telling him he shouldn’t have “fu$ked with him.”

Many of the people who have seen this video, including ourselves, are absolutely appalled by its content, and perhaps the grotesque nature of the video is what has attracted so many viewers. To witness such behavior in our modern times is shocking, especially after we have all been led to believe that the racial tension has long since depleted. It is unclear whether charges will be pressed in this matter (although we here surely hope that the victim pursues legal action), but the big question is to what extent does this racial tension continue to loom. Hopefully, this video (which shouldn’t be treated as something destined for entertainment purposes) will bring to light that we continue to live in a cruel society that has failed to learn from its past mistakes. Sure, some of you may call this an isolated incident that doesn’t reflect on all of us as a whole, however, there have been related events that all continue to point to our ongoing inability to get along with one another.

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