Douglas Spink – Twisted Business Endeavours


Douglas Spinkr, a former entrepreneur turned cocaine smuggler is facing some serious charges after officials in Washington invaded his farm which was purported to have catered to individuals looking to have sexual intercourse with animals. Spinkr is currently behind bars for violating his parole in charges stemming from his cocaine trafficking endeavours. During the raid, investigators seized a number of animals including horses and mice. Some had to be put to sleep due to the apparent abuse they endured. Officials were also able to recover photographs depicting various acts of bestiality. An unidentified man was also arrested on suspicion of having had sex with at least three dogs.

Most of us would agree that this is some peculiar behavior for a man that had a successful background in business during the 90s, where he oversaw the acquisition and liquidation of various business entities. When Spink filed for bankruptcy in 2002, he turned to drug trafficking to earn a living. He fell under the radar of authorities after having been caught in possession of nearly 400 pounds of cocaine back in 2005. Although Spink’s attorney denies that there was any wrongdoing on his client’s behalf, Spink’s website is chock full of potentially incriminating evidence. On the site the former entrepreneur assures visitors to his farm, known as the Exitpoint Stallions Limitee, that their “deeply-rooted instincts” will not be resisted at the establishment. There are not many ways to construe this promise of not “[walling] off sexual energy.”

We can only hope that the justice system shines in this case and that Spink is placed in custody for a considerable amount of time if he is indeed found guilty. The number of customers his enterprise has catered to throughout the years is currently unknown. Hopefully officials will be able to track down these clients and have them charged accordingly. It’s disturbing think that such people live amongst us.

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