Diamond Bar Fire

Here we go again – a fire has broken out in the Diamond Bar area in what appears to be an arson incident. The Diamond Bar fire is burning along the 60 freeway, and residents are preparing to be evacuated if need be. The Pomona Police Department captured what they believed were the two individuals responsible for starting the diamond bar fire. They were seen firing sparks to further fuel the fire from the road. There are about 250 firefighters currently deployed at the scene who are actively battling the blaze. The Diamond bar fire is believed to have started around 12 p.m. this evening, and as of now 8 fires are currently burning.

Aside from the ground-crew attack, aircraft have been making water drops over the blaze to help contain it. This is helping firefighters make tremendous headway on the Diamond bar fire. The acreage count as of earlier today was 50. We will keep you updated with further details as they become available.

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