Conor Reynolds Stabbed to Death

conor reynolds

Some saddening news out of Massachusetts where a high school teenager has been stabbed to death after an apparent conflict outside a restaurant. According to the Associated Press, Conor Reynolds, the 17 year old victim of this tragic act of violence, was gathered with nearly 250 friends at a local restaurant at the time of the stabbing. Reynolds was a soccer star at the school and was set to graduate this year. His friend was also injured in the stabbing, which appears to have occurred without any rhyme or reason. The attacker approached both boys outside the establishment, which had no security personnel on staff for the event. It is unclear at this time whether either of the victims knew the perpetrator, who has yet to be apprehended by police.

It appears that drinking activity which was taking place at the restaurant may have been a factor in the crime, although investigators have not confirmed this. What is certain is that the suspect continues to be at large and that police can use any information attendees at the party may have to help bring this case to a close.

Reynolds’ family members and friends are obviously going through a tough time trying to cope with his ultimately untimely death and our thoughts are with them.

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