Christina Korbe – Shot Special Agent Sam Hicks

Christina Korbe, wife to imprisoned Robert Korbe, was arraigned today on charges stemming from the death of Spc. Agent Sam Hicks. Christina Korbe is believed to have gunned Hicks down. Christina Korbe is facing a homicide charge, a charge that could mean a hefty sentence for her if convicted. Christina Korbe is believed to have shot Hicks during an attempted arrest. The arrest was meant for her husband, who is a known cocaine dealer. Christina Korbe got involved in the arrest and proceeded to shoot the arresting agent.

Korbe, 40, had her two children by her side when her home was invaded by investigators. Her attorney claims that this was sufficient grounds for Christina Korbe to shoot Hicks. Christina Korbe claims that the officers never identified themselves as being part of the police department. Thus, she claims, she might had mis-identified Hicks as an intruder and thus proceeded to shoot him.

Christina Korbe’s husband is mentioned in an indictment alongside 35 other suspected drug traffickers. Christina Korbe’s husband was in court yesterday, being represented by a court-appointed attorney.

Our condolences go out to Sam Hick’s family. This is indeed a tragedy, and something that requires more investigation. As far as Christina Korbe goes, we can only hope she is tried to the full extent of the law as is her husband. However, what occurred requires further investigation as we can only guess as to her motives behind shooting the special agent.

6 thoughts on “Christina Korbe – Shot Special Agent Sam Hicks

  1. Kasey

    I hope Korbe gets the maximium penalty for the death of Sam Hicks. There is no way in hell she thought they were intruders. They announce themselves as police and she knew damn well that her husband was involved in dealing drugs………how else could she keep up with her lavish lifestyle???? I have no sympathy for her or her husband. How dare them as parents, put their kids lives in danger by dealing drugs. They are far more dangerous than any intruder who may have entered their home. Funny how she didn’t hear any them shout police but heard the banging and commotion downstairs. She deserves everything she gets.

  2. dug

    Free her. These cops want to act like a bunch of Johnny Rambos and kick in doors, Well look what happens. Now there going to try to ruin her life because of their actions. Like bad guys, home invaders, and robbers can’t yell “POLICE” when they kick in your door. People in this country need to stand up for their god given right to protect your home and family.

  3. tony

    Knocking saves lives. She is innocent. Armed home invasion is a violent crime no matter who you are.

  4. Linda Handy

    The WHOLE U. S. Government is involved in the global drug trade. American people, be educated. Bush, Sr. put crack cocaine on the streets of south central LA. When Bush Sr was caught he pardoned all his fellow croniess and nothing happened. Read the Big White Lie by Michael Levine and find out how our government is neck deep in global drug trade. It goes on and on and will never stop until We, The People, face the truth. We’ve been lied to.

  5. Mitchell Diamond

    Police in Ohio, raiding a house to arrest a drug suspect, kill a twenty-nine year old mother holding a baby in her arms–and they walk away laughing. DEA agents in San Antonio shoot an innocent fourteen-year old girl in the back of the head, police in Houston shoot a seventeen-year old boy in the head, police conducting a drug raid in Los Angeles order a twelve year old boy from his bed to lie face down on the floor and then shoot him in the back with a 12 guage shotgun. And they all walked away laughing. Police in Philadelphia shoot a ninety-four year old grandmother to death in her own home during a drug raid. They got ten years, for planting baggies of marijuana in her house to justify the raid.
    And we shouldn’t forget the innocent mother and child killed at Ruby Ridge, or the innocents slaughtered at Waco.
    Christina Korbe is not a criminal, she is a hero. But I wonder if there are twelve people in Pittsburgh with the courage to say so.

  6. Just A Mom

    I believed Christina Korbe was trying to protect her children until they released the recorded jail conversations she had with family and friends while being locked up in the Allegheny County Jail.
    After hearing her talk about wanting to KILL her mother in law if her mother in law didnt start saying positive things about her?. In my opinion I am 110% sure she is guilty and knew exactly what she was doing the morning Special Agent Samual Hicks was killed..
    after learning she was high on cocaine the morning she shot and killed Samual Hicks, I believe with all my heart she is GUILTY!

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