Beth Ann Chester sentenced

Teacher Beth Ann Chester was sentenced today for having sexual intercourse with a high school student last year. She was arrested in January for having an alleged intimate relationship with an underage boy. Chester could serve a maximum of three years in prison. Her short sentence is the result of plea deal she made with prosecutors, and also encompasses five years of probation following her release. She would have initially served more than twenty years in prison. Beth Ann Chester was an instructor at Moon Area High School, where she served as a gym teacher.

Chester apparently prayed on a 14-year-old boy at the school, who she didn’t lose correspondence with despite the fact that authorities had quickly learned of the brewing relationship.

Beth Ann Chester was not fired from the school, but rather resigned herself. She was approached by the boy’s parents who discovered that she was exchanging lewd messages and images with their son. Although police intervention was something the minor’s parents tried to avoid, it came into the picture when Beth Ann Chester told a close friend of the relationship, who subsequently contacted district officials. District officials themselves got the police involved.

The boy’s parents agreed that Beth Ann Chester should have a minimal sentence, but shifted opinion when they discovered Chester was still communicating with their son, despite court orders.

When the boy was first asked of the relationship, he denied the two had intercourse. However, Beth Ann Chester later admitted that they did indeed have intercourse on several occasions, one on school grounds. Chester was married during her affair with the boy.

Chester is currently barred from using the internet or owning a cellphone. Her teaching certification was also revoked because of the incident.

We find that these sort of teacher-student relationships are becoming far more prevalent then they once were. Why still remains unclear, however it’s quite apparent that we need to do something about this. While this may seem to be a petty and harmless crime, it can indeed turn for the worst.

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