Andrew Williamson Noble Suicide

We are learning more and more by the hour about Andrew Williamson Noble, who committed suicide at the University of New York today in the school’s Bobst library. Andrew Williamson Noble leaped to his death from the 10th story of the library. Officials say that he used his student ID card to check in before plunging to his death. It is unclear how long Andrew Williamson Noble was in the library before he went ahead with his suicide.

Students who were in the vicinity of The Bobst library claim to have heard a “thud” at the time of the suicide, although no blood was present at the suicide scene. Although paramedics managed to rush Andrew Williamson Noble to the hospital, he withered very quickly. There is little information currently available as to why this student went ahead with his suicide attempt. Some have shed insight into possible reasons, including the fact that Andrew Williamson Noble may been overstressed from the midterms he had just completed.

Apparently, this type of incident has occured before at New York University. The school had gone as far as installing special panels to mitigate any sort of future incidents. However, Andrew Williamson Noble somehow managed to overcome this obstacle. According to students, it is very difficult to bypass these protective panels.

We will continue to follow the sad Andrew Williamson Noble story and will provide updates he when they become available. If you have anything you would like to share with us about this story, please go ahead and comment below.

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