Amber Dubois Update

This weekend, police made a disturbing discovery in the Amber Dubois case – they found her body. Amber’s parents had been searching for their 14 year old daughter since February of 2009 when she failed to show up at her home after school. Amber’s parents considered this to be extremely uncharacteristic and were valiant in their efforts to uncover what exactly happened to their daughter.Since the disappearance, community members had been active in keeping her memory alive, including holding Walk-a-thon’s and vigils. It was not until the Chelsea King case – another case involving a young female that had been gone missing – that investigators once again gained interest in the case. Chelsea King, a 17 year old from San Diego county disappeared from sight after going jogging at a local park. She was a frequent visitor to the park. Nearly a week after having gone missing, investigators uncovered what they identified as a body in a lake within close vicinity to the park. This body was later identified as that of Chelsea.

Police apprehended John Albert Gardner III in connection with the crime. A background check revealed that Gardner had prior convictions relating to sexual assault, and had actually served time, although not fully, for inappropriate contact with a minor. In comparing the Chelsea King case to that of Amber Dubois, investigators discovered some similarities and thus Gardner is suspect is both cases.

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