What’s Happening on Hollywood

Hollywood, a place where all stars are gathered and shining, always become a spotlight. Million pairs of eyes from all over the world are stares and keep looking at every detail that might happen in there. That sacred holly place for every fashion and celebrities worshipers is getting hotter and hotter day by day. There are many things from our beloved idols that attract people’s curiosity. Here are some news that going to fulfill your thirst about Hollywood gossip. The first news comes from one of the actor in “Harry Potter” movie, Jamie Waylett. This actor who played as Vincent Crabbe in “Harry Potter” was sentenced a two-year term in prison, yesterday, on Tuesday, March 20th because of the violence that he made. That is not the first and only sentence he got, people started to admit his criminality since he had an additional sentence for his involvement in the chaos that happen in London in August 2011. At that time he was acquitted on the charge even though he was caught in the photographs for handling the bomb. Of course he was free of any charges after he finished his obligation serving behind the bar for one year.

Yeah, celebrities are no angel, they might make mistakes too, with their popular reputation, what cannot they do? The beautiful singer who recently divorced with her husband, Katy Perry, also adds the length of celebrities’ bad attitude list. She recently accused that she had dissed Beyonce for her song “Beautiful Liar”. In her interview with BBC Radio 1 she gave her comment about her duet with Rihana that will be done soon, but unfortunately she said something unpleasant about Beyonce’s song. In the interview she said “We’ve collaborated in things, just not songs yet. It’s one of those things that’s got so much build-up that we have to deliver. I want it to be that Eurhytmics and Aretha Franklin’s song ‘Sisters are Doin’ it for Themselves’ not a ‘Beautiful Liar’. I definitely want to do something iconic.”

Well, it is not Katy Perry’s style to give such comment like that, definitely not her. Perhaps it was her bad time so that she slipped of tongue like that. No matter what the words are already launched and it is people’s decision to give opinion about what she has done. Sorry to say that celebrities are only good when they are in front of the camera, out from that, they are just the same like we are, but their life has more of the superficial things.

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