Trina Leaked Photos

A female rap star is concerned tonight after an unknown person hacked her cellphone and leaked nude pictures contained on it online. This rap star, known as Trina, reportedly lost her phone while attending a fashion show. Between that time and now, somebody illegally tampered with the content on the phone and distributed it online. Some of the photos on the phone are extremely graphic, depicting the rap star naked. Others are said to show her washing her face, while another notable one depicts the star with what other media outlets have said are hives on her body.

Trina was worried from day one that the Trinia leaked photos would make their way to the internet. When interviewed prior to the incident, she mentioned she would be devastated if a leak were to ever occur. Well, it appears her worst nightmares have come true. It is unclear what action the rap star will pursue against the person who originally leaked the photos, if discovered.

This story should encourage those who have taken personal pictures with their phones in the past and continue to have those pictures stored on there to delete the content. You never know when someone might get access to that sensitive information. If you really feel the need to take any intimate photos, you are better off using a personal camera and putting the content on your computer. At least then, the likelihood of the pictures getting leaked dramatically decreases. The Trina nude leaked photos could have been entirely avoided if the star had simply taken more interest in safeguarding her personal affairs.

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