The Separation of the Famous Couple

Divorce always becomes the nightmare which will make the married couple sad. This will make them get a bad feeling when they think about separation. For all married couple, the happy and romantic marriage will be very important. It can make them get the best happiness easily. It is occur in many people even for celebrities. As a famous figure, celebrities’ life usually will be revealed easily to the public. With many kinds of news and rumors which appear and made by the media, celebrities’ life will be discussed and revealed. The celebrity’s couples divorce usually becomes the issue and news which is sad and ironic. It will be like that since when celeb getting married, there will be a big and interesting wedding ceremony which will hold. With the beautiful wedding dress, they will look like a prince and a princess in their wedding day.

It is the same for the celebrity couple Seal and Heidi Klum who are getting married in May 2005. Seal who is a singer can attract the super model Heidi Klum with the gorgeous and interesting body. This couple first met in a hotel lobby and it seems like a love at the first sight for Klum. In this marriage, they have three children which are handsome and pretty, Henry, Johan and Lou. With three children they feel like it is not enough, so that in 2009 Seal adopted a child called Leni. There are many beautiful and interesting memories which are made by this happy couple. They are always attending the red carpet together and look so happy with their marriage life.

This happiness maybe will not be able to see again. It is like that because, in the early year of 2012, they confirmed that they will get divorce. It is just unbelievable when public now that they are going to divorce. Although it is unbelievable, the public and media know the signs of this separation already. Those signs are when Heidi Klum attending the red carpet alone without Seal. Seal also give a sign that they are not together again by seeing alone in the LAX. It is feels so early and sudden when they still make a happy and lovely atmosphere in December last year. They seem very happy that time. It is just too sad when you think that you will never see that intimacy again soon. There will be many people who are feeling sad for this celebrity couple.

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