The New Date for Josh Hartnett

Dating the girl will be the way for many boys to get the close and able to choose the best women to be their one and truly wife. In the celebrity’s world, the dating between two public figures will be interesting to be discussed. As a famous figure, celebrities’ life usually will be revealed easily to the public. With many kinds of news and rumors which appear and made by the media, celebrities’ life will be discussed and revealed. It is just the case of time if the celebrities who are going out will be known by the media. The paparazzi and the other media press will be very interested to tell public about the latest news of the celebrities. This will also become the way to increase the celeb’s popularity and make it higher and higher everyday. It will be very interesting for the people too.

In this month, there is news about Josh Hartnett who is already dating Amanda Seyfried. This new couple looks happy and interested. This March, this new hot couple are caught up in at the Trader Joe’s and shopping together. They are going to shopping after Hartnett and Seyfried after they left together from Seyfried house. This is proofs the rumor which are appear before about their intimacy. Hartnett is an actor for some movies. It is true that for Amanda Seyfried, Hartnett is not the high ranked guys in her heart. She made her guy list which includes Ryan Phillippe, Alexander Skarsgard and the other guys. Now, that list seems not work anymore when they decide to going out with Hartnett. This couple is very romantic and looks happy when they are together.

Seyfried is not the first celebrity who is dating Josh Hartnett too. Although Josh Hartnett is just an actor for some low ranked movies, he was dating Kristen Dunst and Sienna Miller before. As the ex boyfriend of those beautiful celebrities, this guy also has his own charm which can make the girls like him and want to going out with him. The dating story which usually happens in the celebrity’s world will be the best topic to be discussed. For many years, the celebrity’s stories always make many people feel curious and interested. It is just the same with the news about this new hot couple, Josh Hartnett and Amanda Seyfried. This will be the best story if they are continuing their relationship in to the marriage.

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  1. Horace K. Willis

    The “Red Riding Hood” actress, 26, has been quietly dating actor Josh Hartnett , 33, after the two were set up by a mutual friend, according to Us Weekly.

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