The New Baby having for Reese Witherspoon

Having a baby is the best and interesting moment for the women all over the world. The child which you have will be the crystallization of you and your husband. Your marriage will be more unite and happier when you can get a baby. For the women, the feeling when they are able to get pregnant and have a baby always becomes the best feeling ever. This happy feeling is also felt by the Oscar winner, Reese Witherspoon. She is now having a baby in her tummy. This baby is her third child and it is also the first child for her and his second husband. Jim Toth, Reese’s husband feels so happy when he knew that Reese has his baby. It is the first child for him. They were getting married in the last March.

After waiting and trying to have a baby for a year, this newly wed couple finally able to get a baby. Reese and Jim are very happy with this pregnancy. Reese’s first and second child, Ava, 12 years old and Deacon, 8 years old also feel happy since they will get a new sister or a new brother soon. Ava and Deacon are Reese’s children with her first husband, Ryan Phillippe. This happy news also makes many Reese’s friends feel happy for her and Jim. They will always pray for their happiness and hope the baby will be healthy and happy. In the 12 weeks of her pregnancy, Reese still feel exited when she talk about her new baby. Although it is not her first experience in pregnancy, she feels a bit nervous with her pregnancy.

Her nervous feeling maybe will be very acceptable. It is because, she reach her 36 years old this March 22. We all know that for women, the 30s is not a good time to get pregnant and giving a birth. This will be a bit dangerous for the baby and also the mother. You have to be very careful when you are pregnant in the 30s. Although it may be dangerous, Reese will give her best so that her new baby will be able to stay healthy until it is born. Reese and Jim always try to make their new baby stay healthy and active in the womb. This will make them feel that their waiting time fulfilled completely. The long wait for a baby will be end and they will be happier when the baby born later.

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