The “Cat Woman” Wedding Plan

The celebrities wedding usually become the best trending topic for the people. In the happy moment like a wedding ceremony, the celebrities who are getting married will also let the fans and the world know. For all married couple, the happy and romantic marriage will be very important. It can make them get the best happiness easily. It is occur in many people even for celebrities. As a famous figure, celebrities’ life usually will be revealed easily to the public. With many kinds of news and rumors which appear and made by the media, celebrities’ life will be discussed and revealed. As one of the famous artists in the world, Halle Berry will try to held the best wedding and ever. It maybe is not the first time for Halle to getting married but we must pray that it will be her last marriage.

The lucky guy who can capture Halle’s heart, Olivier Martinez is a France actor with handsome and kind heart. Halle whose has a daughter, Nahla, feels happy and always pray for her soon marriage to be last longer than her previous marriages. Nahla is Halle’s daughter from his previous boyfriend, Gabriel Aubrey. This actress who play ‘Cat Woman’ role, based on the plan will held her wedding in Paris. This will be a beautiful wedding for this couple. Olivier Martinez talks proudly when the reporters ask him about his wedding with Halle. He looks so happy since his love will be more unite and able to be forever. He will love Halle and her daughter, Nahla.

This wedding news makes many Halle’s fans happy and prays for her happiness in marriage. When celeb getting married, there will be a big and interesting wedding ceremony which will hold. With the beautiful wedding dress, they will look like a prince and a princess in their wedding day. For Halle and Olivier, this wedding is the most important wedding for their life. With many interesting wedding preparations which they have to prepare, Olivier and Halle try to found the best and interesting things. With the fail for her previous relationships, Halle feels very protective to her daughter, Nahla. As we all know, Gabriel Aubrey the model who is the father of Halle’s only daughter, Nahla, is not a good guy for Halle. He is reported for the abuses to Halle and her daughter. It is why Halle is protecting her son not to meet Aubrey again.

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