Taylor Swift the Number One Billboard Money Maker

Entering the billboard chart is a difficult thing. It is not easy to amaze the people and make them vote our music. As a talented singer and also song writer, the beautiful Taylor Swift had many awards and fans. This beautiful girl always makes her songs based on her story and experiences. It is why almost all o her songs are easy listening and very interesting for the girls all over the world. With the given talent, she always tries to give her best to make her fans happy. This 22 years old girl usually makes the country music. Her love for country music is undeniable. She likes this genre of music. With her guitar, the country songs can be singing interestingly. It is not a long time for her to make a good music and hypnotize her fans all over the world to listen to it.

There are many songs which are written by this young girl. With those songs, she is able to enter the billboard chart and make a lot of money in a short time. It is not a wrong opinion since this month, in the March 2012, Taylor become the number one in the Billboard Top 40 Money Maker in Music. She wins against Lady Gaga, U2, and the other singers. With the $35,719,902 which she makes until now from her music, that predicate will be very suitable for her. She gets many awards and nominations in many music awards. Her albums also sold easily all over the world. It can happen since she has many fans which will brought her album copies which available in all over the world.

Becomes a singer is Taylor’s dream. Now, when she can makes her dream come true, she feels so happy. In the Billboard Top 40 Money Maker in Music, she can be the first person easily with that amount of money which she made just by making the good music and sing it. She can make money more than Lady Gaga and the other famous singer in America. Lady Gaga which is a famous singer with unique appearance is ranked in number 4 with $25,353,039. This chart is quite tight and challenging. For the senior singer like Celine Dion, she just gets the ranking number 8 with $14,261,515. In the 2012 there are also many new comers who will make the people enjoy the music more and more. This will be very interesting for the music lovers to enjoy the good music more.

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