Shelley Malil – “40-year old Virgin” star arrested

Those of you that have seen “40-year old Virgin” will be disappointed by this news, as we were. Shelley Malil, one of the stars in the movie that worked alongside the movie’s main star has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend. Among the charges that the star is facing include one of attempted murder. The stabbing took place in his girlfriend’s home, located in San Marcos. Her current condition is currently unknown. However, when she left the scene of the stabbing she was pronunced to be in critical condition.

Shelley Malil was arrested yesterday and remains in custody today. He was taken into custody yersterday evening without any sort of problems. Shelley Malil was arrested shortly after deboarding a train a train at Oceanside rail depot.

The 43 year old star is believed to have stabbed his girlfriend nearly 20 times. The incident is believed to have occured Sunday night. The women was left to suffer after the stabbing. Neighbors noticed police after they heard screams and various other unsettling sounds. When the first law enforcement officals arrived on the scene, they found a woman that had been apparently stabbed several times. The woman also had cuts on her face.

Police aren’t exactly sure what sort of motive Shelley Malil would have for doing such an atrocious thing to his former girlfriend. However, the reasons for his presense at the home came into question after the attack. Although we are fans of Shelley Malil’s performance in “40-year old virgin” we do question the circumstances under which Shelley Malil was there at the home. To truly uncover these circumstances, however, it is likely that a full-fledged police investigation will be needed.

Shelley Malil had intentions of turning himself in the day following the attack. Although he may have done nothing wrong, he was encouraged by several family members and close friends to turn himself into law enforcement officials. Malil was planning to consult an attorney when he deboarded a train in Oceanside, however he was stopped and taken into custody by a member of the San Diego Regional Fugitive Task Force. Shelley Malil was arrested without any sort of fight on his part.

Shelley Malil was born in Keralam, India and moved to the United States in the 1970s. He has appeared in numerous television films and shows. Among his show credits include Scrubs, ER, and NYPD Blue. His most noted role is that of Haziz in the movie hit “40-year old virgin.”

We are shocked by the allegations facing Shelley Malil just as much as others are. However, we cannot draw any sort of conclusions based on what information is currently available. When a more conclusive investigation is conducted, we’ll be able to get a better picture of who Shelley Malil really is. Until then, we’ll be left to hope that Shelley Malil took no part in any of these henious activities which he is facing charges for.

We wish the Shelley Malil’s girlfriend the best, and hope she has a very speedy recovery. It’s truly a shame what she was subject to and hope that she can recover without too many complications.

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