Sandra Bullock Marriage Trouble Confirmed

Rumors that Sandra Bullock’s marriage was headed towards divorce have been looming for some time. Bullock is married to Jesse James. Today, speculations were confirmed in the latest issue of In Touch Magazine. According to the latest issue, Jesse James has been cheating on Bullock for nearly the past year. Who has chosen to commit adultery with? None other than tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, who claims she knew little about the ongoing marriage. Apparently, McGee tried to approach West Coast Choppers for a modeling job. In return, she got a reply from Jesse James, who asked her to come visit the Los Angeles location. When she did, James gave her a tour of the garage and the friendship quickly escalated from there. The two headed to James’ private office, where McGee claims they had a sexual encounter. All this unraveled while Bullock was filming her award winning movie, “The Blind Side.” Had McGee known that the marriage was still active between Bullock and James, she claims she would have never bothered.

Neither side to this entire ordeal has publicly commented. Obviously, we will be getting some word sooner or later. It’s unpleasant to see these cases of marital infidelity, especially with the thought of Tiger Woods and what his “deviations” did to his image. Granted, that was an extreme case, but nevertheless, cheating is detrimental on so many levels. We will keep a close eye on this story to see what comes out of it.

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