Sanda Bullock Files for Divorce

sandra bullock

Hollywood star Sandra Bullock has left her husband Jesse James in hopes of exchanging married life for motherhood. During an interview with, Bullock said that she had just completed successfully completed the adoption process. Apparently, the adoption had been in the works for a while, as early as four years ago. The child, an African American baby boy is believed to only be a few months old. Bullock and James decided to name the baby “Louis.” From what James has said to the media, there may be a scuffle between the two as to who gets to care for the child. James has indicated that he has developed a strong bond with Louis.

James’ marriage with Bullock was put on the chopping block when media outlets reported in March that James had been having an affair with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, a tattoo model. McGee had released intimate details of their eleven month relationship to the media. James checked into a rehabilitation facility for treatment relating to sexual addiction shortly after the announcement was made public. Despite these efforts, it appears that it is the end of the road for Bullock and James. We can only hope that a nasty battle doesn’t ensue between the two over who gets to care for the young infant.

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