Peter Graves Dead

peter graves

Peter Graves, star of the television show “Mission:Impossible” (not to be confused with the movie) and brother to Gunsmoke star James Arness has died. He was 83. Grave’s death follows that of Corey Haim who died of an apparent drug overdose. According to reports, Graves died today after having a pleasant breakfast with his family members. He had a home in the Pacific Palisades area. The official cause of death has yet to be announced, but more likely that not it is a simple case of old age.

Born in 1926, Graves starred in Mission:Impossible from 1967 to 1973, and a spin-off that aired thereafter. His real name was Peter Aurness. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and an Air force veteran, Graves wed in 1950, just as his acting career started to take off. One of his first roles was that of a father in the NBC show Fury.

Just last October, Graves was honored for his work in the film industry on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Shortly afterwards, he became spokesperson for a lending agency.

There is some speculation on behalf of those close to Graves that he may have died of a heart attack. The circumstance surrounding his death do seem consistent with this theory. It is reported that Graves collapsed outside his Pacific Palisades homes, with his daughter coming quickly to the rescue to administer CPR.

There have yet to be any funeral arrangements announced in this unfortunate death. When details become available, we will do our best to post them. Our prayers are with his family.

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