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Miley Cyrus Nip Slip

By admin on January 26, 2009 | Listed under Celebrity | 167 Comments |

Miley Cyrus Nipple Slip wardrobe malfunction picture

During a video shoot in Santa Clarita, a Miley Cyrus wardrobe malfunction occurred. For those of you wondering how this Miley Cyrus wardrobe malfunction occurred, you don’t really have to dig too far. The teen is known for wearing some rather provocative, low-cut clothing. The Miley Cyrus wardrobe malfunction happened in front of some 15 crew members on a shoot. One could imagine how much of an embarrassing experience this Miley Cyrus wardrobe malfunction probably was. Miley was sporting a very low-cut dress, which in return caused a Miley Cyrus nip slip.

This Miley Cyrus nip slip is gaining national attention very quickly. Some major publications are reporting about it this morning, and the news is spreading like wildfire. Not many of you will be surprised by this Miley Cyrus nip slip, for many have alleged that Miley Cyrus is following the same road as Britney Spears and other arguably ruined celebrities. The Miley Cyrus nip slip is expected to lead to some firings, especially in the wardrobe department. Why Miley Cyrus agreed to wear what they had picked out for her is out of our comprehension.

The Miley Cyrus boob slip is one of a number of events that are leading people to charge that the teen is out of control. Remember, Miley is only 16 years old, a very fragile age. She has been engaged in some rather questionable behavior recently, and this Miley Cyrus boob slip incident is just one more event that adds to growing speculation that she’s headed down a bad road.

The Miley Cyrus nipple slip is going to be discussed on and on again for a while now. Who is to blame at the moment remains unexplained, however, many will point the incident to Miley’s doings. Such accusations, do have some merit. The Miley Cyrus nipple slip might have been prevented by her.

If any additional details are made available about the Miley Cyrus slip we will bring them to you. This is just a developing story, so there are additional details to be had. The Miley Cyrus slip story will be covered in more detail when further information is receieved.

Celebrity breast pics are known to make spread over the internet on wildfire. However, this celebrity breast pic is not likely to be subject to such spread as it features a minor. Celebrity breast incidents such as this one have grown quite common. Case in point, the celebrity breast slip up that occured not too long ago on national television.

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