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Just when you thought Miley Cyrus cleaned up her act, TMZ posted a video today of the Disney starlet giving a lap dance to the producer of The Last Dance, a romance film where Cyrus co-starred alongside boyfriend Liam Helmsworth. In the video, Cyrus is seen dancing very provocatively with producer Adam Shankman, rubbing up against him on a number of occasions. Shankman, who is a few decades older than Cyrus, is a self-proclaimed homosexual. Nevertheless, most people agree that the lap dance video is anything but appropriate. Cyrus, who is best known for her role in the Disney hit Hannah Montana, has been caught up in scandal after scandal since personal photos of her in provocative poses leaked to the internet in 2007. That incident was followed up by a nip slip accident in 2009 on the set of a photo shoot. Despite all these incidents, Miley’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, hasn’t raised a smidgen of objection.

The influence the starlet wields on the younger female population is disturbing, largely due to the fact that youngsters might decipher the wrong message from her behavior. According to various publications, Miley’s release of sexual tension caught the eyes of some young kids at the party where the incident took place. The parents of these children were swift to have them removed from the display of vulgarity.

Cyrus stirred some controversy last week when her latest music video, “Can’t be tamed” hit television. This music video was considered a departure from Cyrus’ previous forays into the music scene, particularly because it had a very Britney-esque look to it. Perhaps its just coincidental that the release of the song nicely coincided with this incident.

With the Miley Cyrus Lap Dance Video all over the net, there is some speculation that Miley Cyrus may have had a sexual affair with Shankman. This is not the first time that Miley has been seen in photographs with Shankman in a less than angelic pose. In 2009, Shankman himself leaked photos of the starlet giving him a lap dance while in a dressing room. To say there relationship has gone above and beyond a professional one is an understatement. You’d expect more from a 45 year old man who is well respected in the film industry.

As for Miley, it should be utterly clear at this point that she is a train wreck waiting to happen. This type of behavior at 17 years of age is completely unacceptable and the damage she could be doing in a celebrity-obsessed society could be unprecedented.

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  1. gabby

    Nobody should be laughing or critizing her . she is almost an adult . and dont act like none of you wouldnt be giving a older dude a lap dance. and if kids copy her that is their parents and their fault. she is a teen let her live. Miley you are my role model for not letting anybody get you down.

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