Miley Cyrus Helps with Haiti Relief

We are seeing Miley Cyrus’ heartfelt side today, who has done what she can to help the recovery efforts over in Haiti, where countless numbers of people are dead and millions of others have been displaced from their homes due to a tragic earthquake that occurred in January. Miley, whose Herve Leger dress dazzled in the backdrop of the Grammy red carpet earlier this year, chose to auction off her dress on eBay and donate the proceeds towards the ongoing recovery in Haiti.

Well, it turns out her plan panned out to be a great success. According to Melissa Viscount who writes for, Miley managed to fetch nearly $3,500 for the looker after a likely tedious bidding battle on eBay. There were a total of 77 bids on the item before the dress was finally sold. You have to give it up to Miley for actually managing the listing herself, as opposed to simply donating the dress and waiting to see what comes out of the action. Miley is but one of the many other stars that have been actively engaged in getting the people of Haiti back on their feet. Big names in the industry, including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, and Sandra Bullock have made a tremendous effort to give back. Some celebrities have flown to the now impoverished area, others donating $1M or more of their personal money towards relief.

Miley Cyrus donating her dress money to the Red Cross is hopefully the first of many generous acts we will see out of the current Disney starlet. It’s times likes these that we see just how united we are, and with people on either end of the social spectrum trying to do their part, we are all finally starting to realize just how much can get done when there is some cooperation. If only this same cooperation could be duplicated in our domestic efforts here to get the economy back in order.

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