Megan Fox Topless Photos Leaked

megan fox topless photos leaked

Megan Fox is in the news once again, this time after topless photos of her leaked online from the set of her new movie Passion Play. Fox stars alongside Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray in the film, which showcases the story of a trumpet player who saves Fox from the hands of a gangster. These photos are believed to have been taken with a cellphone, although they say seem to be of a fairly decent resolution. It is unclear who managed to snap the pictures on the set of the film.

The actress was apparently unaware that the photos had been snapped until she was asked about them during an interview for the magazine Allure. Fox responded with a outburst, threatening the person behind the cellphone camera with physical harm. She claims that she takes her professional life very seriously, and that she’s not vying for attention from the paparazzi and media. During later parts of the interview, Megan indicated that she wasn’t exactly absorbed into the Hollywood culture. She’s not the typical Hollywood starlet that likes to be complimented on her talents.

Topless photos of Megan Fox have leaked online in the past, most notably during the filming of Jennifer’s Body. It is unclear whether legal action will be pursed against the photographer who took the pictures.

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