Kristen Stewart without Vampire Stuff

Kristen Stewart is one of rising star in this few years. As her performance on Twilight Saga, we can see her good acting. She can be really gorgeous also weak in a same time. This total acting also can we see on other role she plays such as when she played as a vocalist on Runaway. This is really great to see her acts besides in Twilight. This year maybe will be the last chance for you to see her acts as Bella Swan. But actually, Kristen Stewart cannot wait until her role as Bella Swan over. She accepts to be Snow White for the movie with the title Snow White and the Huntsman. The story of this movie is really different from the movie you usually watch. If you usually watch Snow White as a weak princess, here you will see Kristen Stewart as Snow White command a squadron for a big battle. It will make you reconstruct a new image of Snow White because this is quite different.

Kristen Stewart seems really total on her acting as Snow White. It looks from the bravery she tries to collect. When she was 9 years old, she felt from riding a horse. It made her elbow broken and she couldn’t do anything for couple weeks. It made her afraid of riding horse and she avoids riding it for many years. But what can happen next when the script wants her to ride a horse? She does it then, although she is still afraid but she tries to ride it. After all she realizes maybe it is a sign for her to try again. Moreover she thinks that maybe to be dead under horse’s feet will be okay as long as she has tried to ride it. Her afraid is not really clearly look. You will only see her good and brave performance as Snow White.

This is a good next step of Kristen Stewart. She is not waiting until she finishes her role in Twilight, but she keeps on exploring her chance to take some roles. So we can trust her that she can play another role besides Bella Swan. At Snow White and The Huntsman, she also plays with Charlize Therone who will be the Evil Queen. You will se a good mixture of two different generations in this movie. Feel the sense of strong Snow White and make this movie as your choice in the next chance.

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