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Katherine Heigl wardrobe malfunction video

By admin on March 20, 2010 | Listed under Celebrity | 1 Comment |

katherine heigl nip slip

Katherine Heigl had what could be described as a very bad day yesterday. At an awards ceremony in Las Vegas, one of the straps on the starlet’s dress ripped, causing a near nip slip. What made it worse was at the time of the dress malfunction, Heigl was delivering as speech! The host of the show actually had to hold the strap in place while Heigl finished up! The Katherine Heigl wardrobe malfunction video has made its way all over the internet. If it wasn’t for her quick action, this could have very easily been a full-on nip slip. What’s odd about the situation is that just before the ceremony started, Katherine was interview by E! entertainment. One of the topics of discussion is what sorts of things she dreads while on stage. It’s surprising, but she didn’t mention the prospect of a wardrobe malfunction. Katherine follows a number of women who have had comparatively embarrassing accidents on stage, including Janet Jackson. Jackson’s dress malfunction during a performance with Justin Timberlake, exposing her breast over live television. In this incident, the FCC issued fines.

We would suspect that Katherine will get over this accidental slip quite quickly. Her swift action without a doubt made the situation all that much more bearable.

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