Katherine Heigl Nip Slip

katherine heigl nip slip

Katherine Heigl had an embarrassing nip slip incident yesterday while accepting an award at a Las Vegas show for actress of the year. Heigl had been interviewed by E! literally minutes before the incident occurred. Heigl mentioned what she dreaded while being onstage, including that her makeup might smudge or some other mishap that would occur. Fortunately, the Katherine Heigl nip slip wardrobe malfunction was kept from getting out of hand after she quickly grabbed at the dress strap that literally snapped. The show’s host, Billy Bush, held Heigl’s strap up for the remainder or the speech. Talk about awkward! There was no nipple exposure much like the one that occurred during the Janet Jackson superbowl incident. The star has yet to be interviewed about the incident, but knowing her personality, she will most likely laugh it off.

Katherine Heigl is but one in a string of celebrities that have been faced with a nip slip incident. Aside from the Janet Jackson debacle, other stars like Katy Perry and event Miley Cyrus have had to deal with accidental slip up. This is one of a few that have been caught just in time. We hope that the wardrobe malfunction doesn’t torment Katherine Heigl very much and that she is able to move forward with her very successful career.

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