How did Bernie Mac die? – A look into Sarcoidosis

Fans of Bernie Mac are franically searching the internet with questions such as “How did Bernie Mac die?” We ourselves were quite surprised and saddened by the announcement of Bernie Mac’s death. He was definitely an asset to the television community, and we are confident he will be missed by many. But the question still lingers, how did Bernie Mac die?

Bernie Mac’s death was the result of a condition known as Sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis is an disorder in which nodules grown on various organs. These nodules are the result of the body attempting to fend off threats. Instead of having a regular inflammatory responce, the body ends up producing these nodules. The most common organs to be affilicted with this disease include the lungs and lymph nodes.

Bernie Mac died while he was being treated for pnumeonia at the hosptial.

The symptoms of the disease are rather inconclusive, including fatigue, weight loss, and dry eyes. As you might guess, the symptoms vary depending on what organ was affilicted by the condition.

There is no current treatment for the condition, but steroids are usually given to sufferers. A very small fraction of those inflicted with the disease actually die from it.

Thus, Bernie Mac’s death was a rather are occurence.

Notable celebrities including Geoge Clooney and Chris Rock have commented on the death, saying essentially the same thing – that it was a complete tragedy.

Our condolences go out to the Mac family, and we wish them the best in coping with Bernie Mac’s death.

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