Hilton released from the slammer

After a grueling 5 days in prison, Paris Hilton has been released to serve 40 days of confinement inside her home. This news is everything but suprising. She didn’t even spend 5 days in prison. Police officials gave her credit for two days which shouldn’t have been counted.

Further, what specific medical condition is keeping her from serving her sentence in jail? That may never be known. Want to know why? Because none exists. Why would anybody think people would buy that crap. Its quite obvious she doesn’t have any “medical condition” that would keep her from staying in jail. This is just some crap excuse to cover up the real reason she was released from jail, her money. How could you call confinement within her home a punishment? She is going to sit at home and continue her party lifestyle. That’s not a punishment. Well, theres our justice system for you.

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