Hillary Duff Engaged to Mike Comrie

Hillary Duff, the 22 year old former Disney starlet, is now engaged to her long time boyfriend Mike Comrie. Comrie, a professional ice hockey player, has been involved with Duff since late 2007. Rumors of the engagement have been swirling around for some time, with Duff’s rep finally confirming the news today. The starlet was spotted with with a ring while shopping in Hawaii earlier this month, however, reports were still denied.

The couple, which has a nearly 7 age year difference between them, have not announced any potential wedding dates or locations. In a statement released through Duff’s rep Friday, both thank their fans for the kindness and support they have been receiving during this exciting them. We wish them all the best and hope the Hillary Duff engaged story unfolds as pleasantly as possible. In the meantime, you can expect to continue seeing Duff at Comrie’s hockey games, a sport Duff admittedly said she knew little about at first.

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