Erin Andrews Peephole Video

erin andrews peephole video

The leaked video ordeal for Erin Andrews has just ended, with her stalker, Michael David Barrett being sentenced to over two years in federal prison. Barrett filmed the ESPN personality in a hotel room and posted the video online for free download. Erin Andrews is fully nude in the video, which Barrett managed to snap while peeping through a hotel door. Well, the Erin Andrews peephole video is going to cost him much more than just jail time. The judge in the case ordered Andrews to pay some $7,366 in restitution to Erin Andrews. Whatever may have possessed Barrett to post the Erin Andrews peephole video online for free download is beyond us. If he hadn’t posted this clip online, he would have avoided his lengthy jail sentence and fee.

It appears that Barrett has had far more victims than just Andrews alone. According to investigators, there are another 16 or so videos depicting the nude bodies of women who have yet to be identified, according to reports from

Barrett spent almost two years following Andrews, and seized at the opportunity to film her through a peep hole of one of her hotel rooms. He captured the footage using a mobile phone.

We can only hope that the other victims in this case will be identified and that they to can get compensated for this unfortunate and disgusting invasion of privacy. Hopefully Barrett will learn from this Erin Andrews Peephole Video that his ways need to change.

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