Erin Andrews Peephole Video Leaked

There are reports circulating that the Erin Andrews peephole video has been somehow leaked. From what we know here, nothing of this nature has yet to occur. We can tell you that this increase in excitement over the case has been caused by none other than the verdict which was handed out today against the man accused of the crime. Not only will he be facing two and a half years in federal prison, but he will also be forced to pay thousands in restitution fees. The video in question that people are looking for was filmed by the man using his cellphone, which he aimed into a hotel room that Erin Andrews was staying at while she was undressed. It wasn’t until the man made the poor decision to post the video online that investigator’s were able to track him down.

Erin Andrews is not the only victim to be entangled in this man’s obviously disturbing and unorthodox activities. Officials say they have uncovered at least another 16 videos that all depict the nude bodies of women who have yet to be identified. Fortunately, this means that the video creator will eventually be facing a much harsher punishment for acting well against what society expected of him.

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