Corey Haim’s Funeral Plans Announced

Details of Corey Haim’s funeral arrangements have been released today, although confusion continues to loom as to who or what agency is expected to flip the bill. According to statements made by Haim’s mother earlier last week, the city of Tornto was expected to pick up the tab for the venue. But as they have clearly stated, no such thing will be happening. In light of this lack of funding, it seems the family has decided to arrange a private function with only a limited number of attendees. This event will be held Tuesday in an undisclosed location. It is unclear whether a public function will be held in the future in memory of Haim.

Haim died last week of what appears to be a drug overdose. The results of an autopsy performed by the coroner’s office indicated that Haim had an enlarged heart, what many suspect to be the compounded effect of his many years of drug abuse. Toxicology tests are still pending. He collapsed at his home in Los Angeles and was transported to a Burbank hospital after his mother called paramedics. According to numerous reports that circulated last week, prescription drugs were found within close vicinity to his collapsed body.

A week prior to his death, Haim obtained a number of prescription drugs in what appeared to be a legal manner. Since then, however, investigators uncovered that Haim may have been obtaining his prescriptions through a drug ring peddling otherwise legitimate prescriptions. Police are continuing to investigate this matter and arrests are expected to be made. Hopefully this drug ring will be disbanded to prevent any future tragedies such as this.

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