Corey Haim Enlarged Heart

There are some new developments today in the death of 80s star Corey Haim. Haim died yesterday in a Burbank hospital after collapsing at his home near Los Angeles. His mother called paramedics who rushed him to a local hospital. Now that an autopsy has been performed on Haim’s body, investigators have more to go on. What they’ve uncovered so far is that the star had an enlarged heart, which could possibly be an underlying factor in his sudden collapse. The L.A. Corner also reports that Haim’s lungs were filled with water at the time of his death, something his mother attributes to his struggle with pulmonary congestion. Although a definitive cause of death cannot be pinpointed from this autopsy, current evidence seems to indicate that Haim did not overdose on drugs as initially expected. TMZ reported earlier today that prescription drugs were indeed found at the scene of the star’s collapse, contrary to the initial reports that came in yesterday. If this is indeed the case, we could have another Michael Jackson-type scenario on the horizon. According to TMZ’s investigations, it was a single doctor that prescribed these alleged medications to Haim.

Another twist in this saga is that Haim had been suffering from “flu-like” symptoms in the days prior to his death. This sound remarkably similar to what was reported in the passing of Brittany Murphy, who yet again people suspected might have been engaged in drug use, although toxicology reports have since indicated otherwise.

Funeral plans are in full motion for Haim, with USAToday reporting that the funeral will be held in Toronto, Canada. No official date has been announced for the services, nor has the exact location. Updates as they become available.

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